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Our philosophy is straightforward: We care for your investment as if it were our own. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, we're dedicated to ensuring your property becomes a cherished haven for guests, all while maximizing your returns.



Our commitment is to deliver guests an exceptional beach experience, all the while caring for the properties we oversee as though they were our very own. From timely maintenance and repairs to transparent pricing with no hidden fees, we prioritize the satisfaction of property owners, ensuring that every guest enjoys a 5-star stay.



Coastal South Vacation Rentals was born from a shared vision, where two dedicated individuals, Jonathan and Lana, united their expertise and passion. Drawing from their extensive experience in the short-term rental industry, they recognized a distinct opportunity to redefine the way property owners experience and engage with their investments. Together, they envisioned a more personalized and exceptional approach that would not only cater to property owners but elevate the overall vacation rental experience.



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